What is destiny? And why do we want to know more about it? We reach out to fortune tellers and prophets searching for some knowledge of ourselves. But there are some questions that shouldn’t be asked.

Would you like if a fortune teller or prophet predicted the date of your death? Suddenly the fortune teller predicted to you not a centenary, long and happy life, but only some days, months or years? There are questions which better not to ask, to not let predictions become true.

Prophets and self-executed predictions

In the ancient time, some prophets were clever but insidious people. Well knowing the situation in which was questioner, knowing his character they had opportunity to predict behavior. The insidious prophet or the fortune teller did a vague prediction, pushed this person to these or those actions. As a result of these actions the prophecy came true. Sometimes this kind of prophecies are absolutely harmless. Remember how in the movie “Matrix” the prophet asks Neo not to worry about vase. Neo in perplexity looks round and touches a vase. The vase falls and breaks. Execution of the prediction made by prophet requires a prediction.

Sometimes self-executed predictions are especially positive. The story teller foretold to little Assol that when she will grow up a prince will come to her by the ship with scarlet sails. The girl believed in a prediction and has been waiting for its execution. When Assol grew up captain Gray fell in love with her. Having learned about the prediction he established scarlet sails and by ship and came to her. The prediction was executed.

So why we want to know the destiny? Actually, we go to prophets and fortune tellers not to know it. Life is what you make, and also there is no destiny, except that we create. In life there are moments which seem not differ to others. Only taking a look back, we understand that it were turning points in our destiny. We missed them without having a thought about possible consequences before making the decision. Sometimes we notice such moments and we find them difficult to decide. To make a decision it's not important to address to a “magic yes/no ball” or to a coin, to the prophet or free online magic yes/no ball fortune teller.

Free online magic 8 yes/no ball fortune teller

For this purpose the free online magic yes/no ball fortune teller is necessary. First of all to know what you want from your life and destiny. Asking a question online to the prophet is asking yourself.

If you ask a questions online to the magic yes/no ball fortune teller you understand that in your life there are a moment when it is necessary to make the important decision. Probably, the decision is already made by you, but you have no confidence that it is correct. The magic 8 yes/no ball fortune teller online only helps you to be sure. It is not important that will tell you “the magic 8 yes/no ball fortune teller”. If the prediction online is favorable for you — perfect! Carry out your plan! If the prediction is adverse — it means that you need to have more will and persistence to realize your plan against predictions of the magic 8 yes/no ball fortune teller.


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